Born Ready LDN presents its first capsule collection: "Icon". Drawing inspiration from some of pop cultures most iconic and infamous brands they have formed a collection comprising of 4 T-Shirts and 3 sweatshirts, all 100% cotton. Creating a fun collection but still staying true to it's roots, Born Ready have given a playful an contemporary makeover to brands like Chanel, Coca-Cola and Baskin & Robbins.

Paying homage to the greats, whilst remaining always remaining individual and forward thinkers is the underlying theme within this unisex and versatile story. You know I'm a big fan of proud unisex brands, and I love this collection. "Always Born Ready", "Often Licked Never Beaten" and "No.1 L'odeur du Succés" are the three key motifs that individualise the collection whilst "South London Born Ready" underpins them all, acting and emerging as a new standalone icon. I love the Baskin and Robbins tee, it's awesome! But all of the collection is fun and exactly what you want from a capsule collection!

Exclusively available on the Born Ready website, shop the collection now and see more images below!



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