S.O.O.N, also known as Something out of Nothing, are a British streetwear brand founded in 2013. In their latest release they team up with Mr. Phomer, a London based grafitti artist now graphic designer, to create a sick collaboration and collection that see's both brands merge in the best of ways!

The founder of S.O.O.N, Jonny, unknowingly became a fan of Mr. Phomer's work in 2011 before actually meeting him, after purchasing a tee designed by the artist from his solo show at the Carhartt shop in Lisbon, Portugal. The tee read 'Bringing Knifes to Gun Parties' and at the time, on the brink of conceiving S.O.O.N as a brand, it resonated and reflected the attitude and tone of what it was to become. 

Their paths finally crossed in 2014 in London Town. The pair bonded over a mutual appreciation of all things relevant, each others work, many drinks and the discovery of the tee purchase in Portugal - they decided it's was only right to work together.

And we are so glad they did! Their vision and talks resulted in this boss a ying & yang, light and dark side tone capsule collection representing their attitude towards working in the creative and fashion industries, as well as London itself. I love this collaboration, its stays true to the roots and signatures of both parties and lends itself to the 'something out of nothing' ideology. The collection consists of the black 'KTGP2' (Knifes To Gun Parties pt. 2) tee and the white 'All Smiles' long sleeve both designed by Mr. Phomer. 

See the full lookbook shot by Vicky Grout below and shop the collection here.


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