Okay, I'll eat my hat. Disney collaborations really were not my thing, but the latest released really have stepped up their game and no one can deny it. Their latest collaboration comes in a much more subtle nod to the disney world compared to their Vans collection, but the ties are still more than clear.

This "Cinderella" inspired Reebok Instapump Fury its stunning! Giving all of us the opportunity to be the princesses we aspired to be when we were younger, but still keeping us true to our tomboy roots! What seems to be a ladies and kids only release, this magical makeover sees the Instapump adorned a glass slipper inspired gown. 

The iconic laceless running shoe gets one of its most unique and enchanting looks in this iridescent upper, this is a really special collaboration! But the nod to the glass slipper is not the only Cinderella concept featured on this "Cinderelly" Fury -  it's also detailed with a clock about to strike midnight on the tongue’s Pump button, a special graphic insole, and a butterfly on each heel. I have fallen head over heels in love with these and they've made it straight to the top of my wishlist. With these on my feet, I really will live happily ever after...

The Disney x Reebok Pump Fury will be releasing at select Reebok retailers soon. Stay tuned to our Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date! Until then, see more images below. What are your thoughts?


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