Already one of the most innovative and useful products to hit the market, rain and stain protection spray company Crep Protect present their latest product in their portfolio, Crep Protect Wipes!

There is nothing worse than being out an about, getting dirt on your trainers and having to wait all day until you get home to sort it! Well, here is the ultimate shoe cleaning accessory for any discerning sneakerhead or shoe wearer, the travel size wipe is perfect for those unexpected splashes or marks when on the move!

Suitable for use on all types of materials (except suede and nubuck!) including leather, canvas, nylon, vinyl and more, Crep Protect Wipes are perfect! Individually packed and are discreet enough to be stored in your bag, wallet or pocket. Double sided, the plain side of the wipe can be used for general cleaning and the textured side is ideal for those tougher stains. 

I was sceptical of this product at first but I can't count how many times I wished I had something like this on me when I've had suitcases rolled over my trainers at Euston or been caught out by a waterlogged paving stone! I reckon it's a great investment and potentially a bag essential! They available now in selected stores, including Footasylum at £9.99 for 12 wipes! 

What are your thoughts?


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