The UK weather is unappealing, unpredictable and especially in the summer months, unreliable. But the only thing you need in order to not be phased by it, is Puffa's Interlagos Rain Mac!


I'm sure we have all been there, but the most frustrating thing about planning for an event or occasion, is waking up that morning and realising the outfit you have been fixated on wearing the for the entire week prior is no longer appropriate, because the weather says so. Well we finally have the answer, the one simple addition to any outfit which means you can wear whatever you want, whenever you want.

For those of you who don't know, Puffa is an iconic British brand created by Penny Rogers back in 1973. Since then, they have been providing us with a unique combination of lightweight warmth, classic style and durability. You will probably know them for their iconic quilted jackets, but I have had the pleasure of reviewing a piece of theirs thats a little different to what you'd expect!

The Interlagos Rain Mac* is a printed opaque zip-up mac, which means whatever style you've got going on underneath isn't hidden, but is actually framed and complimented by this outwear piece! It's this seasons festival favourite and one of mine from their debut SS15 collection. This is an absolute head turner whether is the statement piece in your outfit or just simply providing practicality and function.

I think this the best piece of clothing I think I've ever had the pleasure of reviewing on my blog. You just can't really go wrong with it. Since I've had it, it's always been the first thing I consider putting on when I leave the house, whether thats heading into town for lunch or taking the dog for a walk - it just means I am prepared for any last minute change in weather and feeling stylish with minimal effort. It's practical and also a really fashionable item that can see you from the countryside straight to the city. The other good thing about this rain mac is its lightweight (granted like most rain macs), but it doesn't make you feel sticky or claustrophobic/uncomfortable. It's breathable but also keeps you wind protected, water protected and warm! I think its the best addition to any outfit!

Like I said, as well as it's functionality, the rain mac looks great. I love the pop-retro feel and the bubble all over print and logo placement works so well!  This purple colour is the perfect amount of girly for me too, plus it has a hood - added bonus! As with anything, I love attention to detail, and this is no exception. The pockets are roomy and easily fastened with zip closure, essential at festivals and/or if like me you have a habit of losing everything!

This is the most socially adaptable piece of clothing I've ever worn and I have no doubt it can withstand the test of trends and of the elements. With all these things considered, you're probably all now waiting for the catch, but quite frankly there isn't one - priced now, at £52.50 online, the affordability box can be ticked too!

What do you think of it?


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