Converse and Urban Outfitters together have launched an exclusive T-shirt collection featuring Chuck All Star Portraits, now available online and at over 20 stores nationwide.

The one-off range comes off the back of the success of the Global campaign, ‘Made by You’. ‘Made by You’ is a landmark brand campaign celebrating fans of the brand who have been expressing themselves and their creativity in Chuck Taylor All Stars for nearly 100 years. It's a global celebration highlighting Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the only sneaker defined by those who wear them. 

For the Spring 2015 campaign, Converse scoured the globe to collect beloved and distinctly personal Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers, each of which tells a story of transformation from blank canvas to self-portrait of the owner. They then curated a collection of Chuck Taylor All Star portraits, showcasing endless diversity and self-expression of individuals past and present who choose to wear Chuck Taylor All Star – from musicians to artists, skaters to fashionistas, the known to the unknown. Their portraits offer a contemporary lens into the distinctly unique worlds they inhabit.

“‘Made by you’ originated from a simple human truth – we all want to be our true, authentic self in this world,” said Ian Stewart, Vice President of Global Marketing. “Fans of Chuck Taylor are the ones who have made Chuck Taylor an iconic badge of creative self-expression. It's time we celebrated them.”

Understandably, Urban Outfitters was inspired by the campaign and wanted to translate the message onto a product their customer could take home. Converse is one of Urban Outfitters’ leading brands, so the collaboration gives the store the opportunity to offer their customers exclusive Converse apparel. The collaborative t-shirt range features four of the iconic sneaker portraits from the Global ‘Made by You’ campaign.

I love this collaboration, and I really love the concept of the Made By You campaign. Getting these portraits on to t-shirts really represents and projects the personality of this campaign so well. What are your thoughts?


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